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      Medical microneedling is a percutaneous collagen induction therapy  performed by a trained healthcare professional where microneedles penetrate the skin at a controlled depth.

The purpose is to generate new collagen and achieve a smother , younger and healthier skin .

Mostly used on the face in order to treat various scars and wrinkles.

It is performed under topical anesthesia therefore it is virtually painless.

The average number of sessions varies depending on the goal of therapy .

Optimal results are achieved with an average of 3-5 sessions in combination with a customized post microneedling kit .

  • Single session ------------------------------------------- $300

  • Essential  package  ( 170$ in savings) --------------- $500

  • Two  sessions of microneedling 

  • One Biocellulose mask 

  • MD Pen Pure HA serum 

  •  Luxury Package ( 190$ in savings)------------------- $850

  • Three sessions of microneedling 

  • Two Biocellulose masks 

  • MD Pen Pure HA Serum 

  • MD Pen Copper + HA Mist 

  • Post procedure customizable kits

  • Biocellulose Mask---------------------------------------- $20 

  • MD Pen Pure HA serum --------------------------------- $50

  • MD Pen Copper + HA Mist ------------------------------ $50

  • MD Pen Tightnen + Lift serum-------------------------- $50

  • MD Pen Cellular Renewal Serum----------------------- $50

  • La Pierre LIFT face and neck cream ------------------ $88

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